Make your surf-life easier (Remaining downhaul rope)

So, you are preparing your sail for a windsurfing session. You unroll the sail, put the 2 pieces of the mast together and slide it into the sail, adjust the extension length and you pass the rope thruough the extension, sail rollers and then to the cleat as shown in our previous post (Downhaul problem solved!!) and finally you pull the rope, as suggested from the sail designer.

But what you do with all this remainig rope? Well, I'll show you what I do in this situation and maybe you'll find this tip useful. Watch the 5 steps in the following photos, or watch the video.

Step 1

Pass the rope through the extension hole (if provided by your extension)

Step 2

Fold the rope once

Step 3

Fold the rope twice

Step 4

Make a knot. Now your rope is secure and cannot unfold.

Step 5

Put the rope into the secret pocket (if provided by your sail)

Enjoy your windsurfing session!!!


Panos Tsoukalas
GRE 51