7043 Deckhand Gloves-Short Finger

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7043 Deckhand Gloves-Short Finger

One of our most popular styles due to its versatile nature, our Short Finger Deckhand Gloves are designed by our experts with a double layer Amara reinforcement on the palm to offer excellent grip without absorbing or holding water.
Fully featured these gloves benefit from wraparound palm protection, offset finger seams and a pre shaped construction to fit to your hand, while the reduced cuff length and rear volume adjustment provide a flexible and comfortable fit.
They are a great all-round glove for a multitude of water sports; whether that be sailing, dinghy sailing, paddlesports or boardsports such as kayaking or windsurfing.

We're the world's leading sailing glove brand for good reason.
Now our innovative glove range has evolved once more to bring you even greater features and benefits.
The Deckhand Gloves feature double layer Amara reinforcement meaning it won't absorb or hold water, as well as dries quickly.
Pre-shaped construction to fit the natural shape of the hand and a rear adjuster for a more secure fit.


  • Double layer Amara reinforcement won't absorb or hold water and dries quickly.
  • 4 way stretch fabric across the back of the hand provides UV 50+ protection and is water repellent.


  • Offset finger seams remove pressure points and help reduce wear
  • Wraparound palm protection eliminates uncomfortable side seams and complete wear protection
  • Pre shaped construction fits your natural hand shape
  • Reduced cuff length to eliminate bulk and improve comfort
  • Rear volume adjustment for freedom of movement and increased wrist flex
  • Easy to grab silicone grip at cuff

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