€210.00 συμπεριλαμβανομένου του φόρου*

E3 ALU-MONO is a reasonable price boom for amateur windsurfers who aspire to have a high-level product for a good price.
The boom is built in 6082 alloy, completely anodized to avoid salty water oxidation, provided with tubes of 29mm diameter. The key feature of this boom is that tubes and the extension are made of a one-piece monocoque part. E3 Alu-Mono features the same curves of the high-level E3 carbon booms, the tubes are lined in soft grip dual density for best grip while sailing: moreover the graphics come with a vast range of colours allowing many customization options.
Back-end and front-end are made of 20% of elastomer nylon, all the nylon parts are the same for every model in our range, from the Alu to the E3 Carbon including slalom and race booms: this ensures great reliability and resistance for all the parts, even in the most affordable models.

    Size         Diameter

140-190       29mm
150-200       29mm
160-210       29mm
170-220       29mm

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*The price includes VAT 24% 
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