AQUA DROPS MadOrange 10'6

€414.00 συμπεριλαμβανομένου του φόρου*



The AQUA DROPS is the ideal inflatable SUP for paddling expeditions weather you’re at the beach, near a river or a lake. The AQUA DROPS is the ideal SUP for paddlers who are looking for an adventure. Features single PVC iSUP technology which has been developed to maximize durability and increase air pressure to 15 psi. The inner core is made of nylon drop stitch material and a high pressure chamber of a max pressure 15 psi.


The AQUA DROPS comes fully equipped in a convenient back pack with a 3-piece composite paddle, a 9 inches’ single fin, a high pressure pump, a coil leash and a repair kit so you can carry, inflate and paddle with your I-SUP board anywhere anytime.


Flat concave from nose to tail for early planning and maintaining speed.


Thruster convertible fin set for the ultimate glide when surfing or not.

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Κατηγορία SUP


* Με βάση τη διαμονή στο Greece. Οι φορολογικοί συντελεστές για άλλες χώρες θα υπολογίζονται στο ταμείο. Τιμή χωρίς Φ.Π.Α .: €414.00.