FMX - Racing VELOCE LTD 2023

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Considerable wind and sail compatibility range built into this design, which became evident after testing. 

The vertical rails concept taken from the racing foil models helps a lot with stability in the air and easy touching down and re-flying on the foil, key components for any aspiring freeride foil customer.

Lots of footstrap position options inboard and outboard to accommodate all skill levels. 


•  Durepox Xtreme ® – America’s Cup grade ultra high-tech bottom paint finish currently used by Team NZ!
–  Proven faster release for that extra ‘slip’ = higher speeds.
 Harder and more durable than normal paint finishes.
  A windsurfing industry first. Taking it to the next level!
  Read about it here:

•  Dedicated shape for increased control in the air and an emphasis on overall stability to make learning to fly easy and accessible.

•  Refined freeride foil dedicated scoop-rocker line and perfectly sized tail width for easier handling and effortless glide and control over the foil.

 Reverse Vee bottom shape – Generous vee and double concave configuration in the nose to clear the chop and create a smooth ride especially when touching the nose coming off the foil, transitioning to less vee and dc in the tail for easier tilting of the board angled to the side for earlier planing alongside better glide when touching.

•  Beveled rails in the front to assist when touching down in the water and re-flying into the air on the foil.

•  ‘V4 Vector Freeride Cuts’ – Conservative 10mm deep cutouts with the same outline design as the race boards to enhance the free release of the water, whilst still giving maximum planing ability and overall stability of the ride.

•  FOIL Tuttle Strong Box – Double the carbon content, double the wall strength and stiffness, and built with a 100% high-density PVC sandwich body. The result – fins and foils stay tight and the box holds the direct feeling performance even after prolonged use. Fits short tuttle, deep tuttle and all foil bases.

•  Full width back foot pad across the whole tail for increased comfort and grip when the back foot is outside the strap during foiling manoeuvres or when learning to get up on the foil.

•  Additional nose reinforcements in the layup to handle catapults or hits when learning to foil.


Foiling has transcended the sport to make light winds so much more accessible to the market. 

The Veloce 144 is a one-stop performance option for any aspiring freeride foiler.

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